6 ways to design your perfect interior

6 ways to design your perfect interior

Some people have a natural eye for designing the look and feel of a space …others don’t make a move without consulting Pinterest boards!  But even then, sometimes expectations are far from reality.  Having an interior designer on call would be great but is not realistic for most of us.  So in the meantime, it’s a good idea to get plenty of design ideas.  Here we share 6 key design tips to help with your interior design needs.

1.      Use a floor plan to visualise your dream interior

It’s easier to create something amazing if you have a plan for how to do it.  Make sure you know how you’re going to use the room. Consider all the practical functions of using the room, not just how it will look.

Start by measuring your room. Gather samples of colours and fabrics, pictures of accessories and dimensions of the furniture you like. Make a paper floor plan of your room.  Then make cut-outs of the furniture and decorator pieces you want to use in the room. You can then move all the pieces around to see where they fit and look best before you start buying pieces and moving things in.  It will save you a lot of time when it comes to bringing your dream interior to life.

2.      Use a base of neutral colours

As a base for your room, choose classically neutral colours that don’t date.  This way you will have a pallet that lasts well beyond seasonal trends.

You can easily change cushions, curtains, blinds, pictures and accessories for a new look with minimal cost but a huge impact.

3.      Use natural lighting and products

Making the most of your natural lighting in a room will make it feel light, open and airy.  Use mirrors. Position them in a way that will reflect the natural light from windows and make the room feel like it has more depth.  Get rid of any dark and heavy window coverings that prevent the natural light from flowing in through the day. Block out curtains are fine if you want them for a greater sense of privacy at night, but choose a light colour.

Try to avoid filling the room with lots of furniture and too many accessories. It can dull the area, making it feel dark and cluttered.

4.      Make sure the furniture is fit for purpose and space

Earlier we talked about considering how you were going to use your room. It’s even more important to be conscious of this when it comes down to choosing furniture.  You need comfortable and functional furniture, but it also needs to be the right size for the room.  Oversized furniture will create a cluttered feeling and actually has a psychological impact on people when they’re in the room. Your body is always taking cues from your environment on how it should respond. A cluttered room will make people feel stressed, whether they realise that at first or not.

5.      Incorporate decor pieces that matter to you

We’re talking about decorating your home here. It’s a space in which you need to feel present and relaxed.  Don’t be afraid to incorporate decor pieces that matter to you.

Try experimenting with decorative items, move them around and see what works, but remember to keep it simple to avoid cluttering your space.

6.     Be inspired by our new home designs gallery here


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