Building a new family home? Here are 9 things you need to consider when choosing your builder

Building a new family home? Here are 9 things you need to consider when choosing your builder

Choosing a builder for a project as important as your new family home is a big decision. It can take time to find one you can trust and to compare all the different options out there.

Our founder, Anthony Fiteni, has been building family homes in Queensland for the past 25 years. During that time, he’s seen the characteristics of the best of the family home builders out there.

If someone in our family was looking for a builder (outside Brisbane of course!) here’s what we would tell them to help them to find a great home builder.

1. A trade background
A good choice is a builder who has had experience working in a core trade such as carpentry, plumbing or electrical. They’ll know exactly what happens on a site and importantly can sympathise with the different points of view on a building site (builder vs trades vs customer). They’ll put the right team together who will get you the right results.

2. Confident and knowledgeable
The right builder will be able to answer your questions instantly and with confidence. Their body language should support what they’re telling you — do they maintain eye contact or do they look away uninterested? If you’re talking to a salesperson in a large building company, the salespeople should still have the knowledge and training to be able to answer everything you need to know during your meetings with them.

3. Receptive to your needs
A builder who’s passionate about building your home will genuinely listen to your needs to make sure they understand what’s important to you in your home.

4. They’ll come up with ideas for your home
A builder who enjoys and is good at building homes will put in the effort to give you ideas that will help you get the home you want. You won’t be getting a quick ‘no’ to your suggestions (a sign there’s not enough money in it for them) then find them pushing for other things because they just have bigger margins.

5. The rule of five references
The builder should be happy to give you references. They should be both from clients they’ve previously built for and clients they’re currently building for. To get a good feel for their projects, speak to at least five of their clients to get their thoughts on how the build went. Also, ask if you can visit homes they’ve built to see first hand the quality and finishes they achieve.

6. You’ll know the end price of the build….at the very beginning
A builder you can trust should make sure everything that’s been discussed upfront with you about the project is included in the contract before you sign it. You won’t find they’ve added on higher margin items that were “forgotten” only after you’ve signed a contract. We’re not saying a builder should guarantee there won’t be variations along the way but any variations shouldn’t be huge.

7. They’re hands on
Look for a builder who will take responsibility to oversee everything in the background. You need to ask your builder who’ll be looking after your job, find out how many other jobs they’ll be looking after and how long they’ve been with the building company for. They need to be able to come to key meetings and to take responsibility for keeping the build on track.

8. Do your research
Make sure you take the time to do your research on the builder. Check them out online — do they come across as professional as they promise on their website and in their social media? Look at their reviews on Google, Facebook and for any testimonials or case studies on their website. Don’t be afraid to ask the builder about any bad reviews. There are always two sides to every story.

9. Good communication means a smoother build
You’ve got to be able to communicate well with your builder. Home builds take many months and things can go wrong. You need to be able to get in touch easily with your builder and they need to be able to reach you. Also find out if/when you can visit the site. When you’re talking to the builders’ references, check with them how easy the builder was to get in touch with, whether they were kept updated on the build and was it easy for them to do a site visit?

Knowing the characteristics of a great builder will make it much easier to recognise that you’ve found the right one for your family home. By following our tips above, we know that you’ll be more confident in making your decision on which builder to choose.


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