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Our range of home designs that have been architecturally created for the best in comfort and design. We take into account your lifestyle, family dynamic, age and budget. Our priority is to create a home that is centred on your needs and preferences. With a range of designs that accommodate alfresco living within seamlessly integrated living spaces, Madison Homes Qld offer Brisbane’s premier house plans.

Designs that do not compromise on looks

At Madison Homes Qld, we are dedicated to working with you to assess all your needs and identify the perfect home design to meet them. We know that people prioritise different features when it comes to home designs. Your lifestyle, family dynamic, age and budget all come into play when you are looking at different house designs. With careful planning and co-operation, we will work with you to find your perfect home.

Madison Homes Qld’s house plans: everything you’re looking for and more

As a home buyer, you probably have a checklist of things that you want in your new home. Although you might find that this narrows down your options, it is still a fantastic approach that helps ensure that your home is the perfect fit. At Madison Homes Qld, our home designs are aimed meeting your criteria and creating a home on your terms.

We offer single and double storey home designs to cater to the preferences and budgets of all home buyers. We will help you build a home that fits your block of land perfectly and aligns with Local regulations. In addition, we have pioneered high set homes, which are becoming increasingly popular throughout Queensland. When it comes to home layout, we have you covered. Depending on the size of your Family and your desire to maintain a strong resale value, we offer home designs Brisbane wide for any number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces. Your preferences here usually depend on your budget and Family dynamic. To ensure that you get the perfect design, we will work with you to find a design that is compatible with your layout, specifications and budget.

Leading edge architectural designs

When it comes to house size, it pays to think carefully about your needs as opposed to your wants. Larger houses are great, but you might find over time that they are not quite as liveable as a smaller house. A well designed home will always feel right and we offer a wide range of leading edge architectural designs. Size can be your biggest pitfall when it comes to budget, so it is advisable not to build too much bigger than you need. Another thing to think about in terms of liveability is site orientation. This aspect of your home is your greatest weapon against the harsh Australian climate.

A well positioned home will offer not only greater comfort, but also better energy efficiency. Generally, the northern side of your site is ideal for alfresco and living areas, as the afternoon sun provides warmth and light. Conversely, the southern side is usually colder and shaded, making it ideal for garages. The eastern side receives plenty of morning sun, which makes it a great side for windows and even bedrooms, provided adequate blinds are installed. Finally, the western side typically receive quite intense sun so extra glazing is usually necessary on windows, as well as blinds or awnings. At Madison Homes Qld, our home designs account for all these factors and more, giving you a wide range of benefits including:

  • Targeted home designs and site orientation for enhanced energy efficiency
  • The quality and workmanship of Madison Homes Qld, which carries a high resale value
  • Functional designs that work with the landscape for great views and comfortable living spaces
  • A range of styles to choose from, including modern, resort, Hampton and traditional

Design Inclusions:New home designs

Design inclusions vary greatly across builders and within the Construction Industry, this can make it challenging to remain under-budget at times. With Madison Homes Qld, you get a genuine pricing guarantee, which ensures that you know what comes with your home design and how much it costs, right from the outset. Our priority is transparency and honesty when it comes to home plans Brisbane wide.

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    Industry-leading brands provide quality components

    We believe that quality should be affordable, which is why we have partnered with Industry leading brands to source quality components for our homes. The savings that we generate through our industry connections are passed on to you, and that means that you get a high quality home for an affordable price.

    Higher quality also ensures that your home needs less maintenance and offers greater durability. We aim to exceed the Australian Standard with every build and when coupled with our quality products, this means that your home will have a resale value that is far superior to most others on the market.

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    Quality and durability are standard

    At Madison Homes Qld, we know that quality products combine with great designs to create the best homes. For this reason, we include many advanced features as standard in our home designs, Brisbane wide. These features include water resistant gyprock in the bottom of your garages and 6mm villa board in wet areas. These two features alone will reduce deterioration and mould growth.

    We offer similar features in each room of your home and evidence of our industry leading quality can be seen from our bathrooms and laundries, to our kitchens, ceiling and even windows. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, and this allows us to offer a range of standard features that many Home Builders overlook.

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    Build process centred on quality workmanship

    To complement our stylish and innovative home designs, we ensure that all stages of construction are completed to perfection. We do not take any shortcuts when it comes to the structural integrity of your home, this is why we use a conventional concrete slab as opposed to a waffle pod system. This workmanship extends to each and every aspect of your home, however it does not come at the expense of design.

    Our designs work with the quality components that we use, and we offer a range of opportunities for you to express your personal preferences. One such opportunity is painting; we allow a second external colour combination as a part of our standard inclusions, so you choose colours that suit you.

Have Questions?

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    Do you build on a sloping block?

    Yes, we can build on a sloping block. The amount of cut and fill necessary to stabilise the site will have to be assessed by our Consultant prior to our estimate proposal, however, so it is a good idea to contact us and discuss your situation.

  • #2

    Can you customise your home designs?

    We have a range of pre-designed homes that are likely to suit your needs, but if you cannot find what you want then contact our Consultant.

  • #3

    Do you provide advice on colour selection and fittings?

    We offer a selection centre to inspire you and facilitate the expression of your style and preferences. This is a part of our spacious showroom, in which we showcase the many features that we offer in our home designs. We also offer a free professional Colour Consultant who is passionate about design and happy to guide you through the selection process.

  • #4

    How do I know if a home design will fit my block of land?

    Simply call your Madison Homes Qld consultant and we can tell you if your chosen design is suitable for the block of land in question. Feel free to call us if you would like to discuss this further.

  • #5

    How do I know which design will work best for me?

    At Madison Homes Qld, we take pride in providing a personal touch for each of our clients. We will take time to ensure that your ideal home is matched to your needs and lifestyle. Call one of our Experts if you are interested in starting the home building process.

  • #6

    Can I change a standard home design?

    We are constantly working with leading architects to refine our designs, so we can make some changes if you request them. That being said, you are likely to save a considerable amount of money if you select on of our standard designs – it depends on your priorities and requirements in the end.

  • #7

    Are bigger homes easier to rent than smaller homes?

    There is no set rule as to how successful any given home will be on the rental market. Usually, it depends on a range of factors including the size and number of bedrooms. Larger homes will usually fetch higher rental prices, however they are also more expensive to build and maintain.

  • #8

    Are double storey homes more expensive to build than single storey homes ?

    Yes, double storey homes are under far more pressure structurally, which means additional materials and design features are necessary to facilitate the extra load. Likewise, the cost of labour will increase and so will the build time.

  • #9

    What is better – a single or double storey home?

    The choice of single or double storey is a matter of personal preference and depends on the size of the block, aesthetic preferences, mobility requirements, financial restraints and time restrictions. It is best to discuss it with one of our Professional Consultants.

  • #10

    Do you build smart houses?

    We do – simply advise our Sales Consultants and we can work towards building a home that meets all of your performance requirements.

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