How your lifestyle influences the design of your family home

How your lifestyle influences the design of your family home

The design of your family home and their lifestyle is unique.  It is important to have a design that will work with your family’s needs from the moment you move in, to well into the future.

How do you get the perfect home design for the long-term?

This should be a conversation during your initial meeting. Begin with the basics (e.g. how many kids do you have?) and build up from there to more specific things about your lifestyle to provide a good picture on how you’d like to live in your home.

At Madison Homes Qld, we would then overlay what you’ve told us with our years of experience in building family homes. We put a lot of thought into what should go where by considering every member of the family’s priorities. We know how to balance and translate those needs into a home that’s not only beautiful but functional for everyone.

The right design flows from asking the right questions.

From experience we know these are the important questions to ask:

What are your plans for the future?

Understanding your future plans alongside your budget is key to a home design that’s going to meet your needs for many years to come.

  • How long do you want to live in the home?
  • Are you planning on having kids, or more kids?
  • Are there plans for older relatives to move in? Do they need a separate living/kitchenette areas?
  • Do you need space to park a boat trailer or a camper van or extra cars as the kids grow up?
  • Are you downsizing and need a home that has easy access, and room for the grand kids to come and stay?

Do you like to entertain at home?

If you love a BBQ with friends and family, we can design a bigger outdoor space with an undercover kitchen and built in BBQ.

We’ll also make sure that the kids bedrooms aren’t close by to where you entertain. No parent wants their young kids woken up in the middle of a party!

Where and how do you work or study?

If you work or study from home, we’ll talk about whether you need a separate office space or a spare bedroom with the right cables and power points to be used as an office.

Are you a shift worker? Your home should be designed so you can get the best quality sleep when you need it. The layout should have a living space that’s away from a master bedroom with extra soundproofing. Your bedroom also needs the right set up to have decent blinds so it can be as dark as possible.

It’s all about the kids…

You don’t want to feel like you’re constantly treading over your kids’ toys in your living room or being kept up late at night every time there’s a sleepover. There are lots of things we’ll talk to you about when designing a home that works for you and your children, some of these include:

  • Their age. If they’re young, they’re going to be living there for a while! You might need their bedrooms closer to the master. If they’re teenagers who stay up late, we’d recommend their bedrooms are placed as far away as possible from your master bedroom so they don’t keep you awake.
  • What they like doing. We can design to include things such as a separate living zone for older kids or a playroom for younger kids. If your budget doesn’t cover this, we can make sure a spare bedroom (one that’s away from your bedroom) has TV points and extra power points for gaming stations.
  • The number of kids and whether they are boys or girls will also flow through into bathroom design. If you have girls we’d recommend twin vanities. If you have a boy and a girl you could consider a separate toilet with a small vanity to the main bathroom so if the shower or bath is being used by your son, there is another vanity available for your daughter and no one is waiting around.

Who will be using each room?

The overall layout of your entire home is very important, but we don’t stop there. We’ll also make sure the way each room is set up works well for you. From understanding how you like to cook in your kitchen to the amount of space you need in each wardrobe, every lifestyle element will be covered.

Your family and their lifestyle is unique. Your home won’t work as well for the long-term if your builder doesn’t ask the right questions and take everyone’s needs into consideration when designing your home. The right home will match exactly how you like to live well into the future without your family having to compromise on how they live to fit the home.


At Madison Homes Qld, we make it easy for Brisbane families to build their dream home with quality inclusions and a unique customer experience.  Talk to Madison Homes Qld today about building your family dream home on 07 3821 6333 or message us here

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