If you’ve worked with a major new house builder in Brisbane before—or if you have family or friends who have done so—then you might know a thing or two about the process. Specifically, you might know that it’s sometimes difficult to get in touch with the right person during the build process. You might also know that the projects can take longer than expected, simply because the building company is working on so many other projects at the same time as yours.

Indeed, when you hire a bigger new house builder, you are likely dealing with a company that builds about 800 houses a year. That number averages out to 200 houses being completed every quarter, or 66 being completed each month. While these companies have a lot of resources, employees and contractors, it’s still difficult for any business to build that many homes a year and not let it affect quality and service somewhat.

Introducing Madison Homes Qld

At Madison Homes Qld, we are new house builders in Brisbane that make a deliberate choice to keep things smaller and more focused. If you choose to work with us to build your next home, you don’t have to worry about us juggling hundreds of other projects at the same time as yours. On the contrary, our company only takes on a maximum count of 50 house builds per year. We believe that, above that threshold, the quality of our work and especially the quality of our customer service would be negatively affected. To be frank, those sacrifices aren’t ones that we are willing to make.

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By keeping things small, Madison Homes Qld can provide a more personal level of service to each client. In fact, our company owner personally deals with each customer and supervises the build of their new home. In other words, you can trust that we are giving your new home the care and attention to detail that it deserves.

Avoid the Communication Issues That Come with Larger New House Builders in Brisbane

Because you deal personally with our owner, you avoid the communication breakdowns that tend to be common with larger new house builders. With a larger building company, you might never speak personally with the owner or CEO and might instead have to deal with multiple points of contact throughout your project. You communicate with a sales consultant, a contract administrator, a building site supervisor and various other employees throughout the project pipeline. Each person promises different things, but they don’t communicate with each other—leading to a stressful experience for you as the buyer.

Why settle for this confusing and frustrating way of doing things when there is an alternative? Instead, choose Madison Homes Qld as your Brisbane new house builder. Our client relationships are built on communication, trust and ultimately, satisfaction. It’s the type of customer service you deserve when you are making an investment as big as the one behind a brand new home.

Are you interested in learning more about our business philosophy at Madison Homes Qld. Give us a call on 07 3821 6333 today.