Our process - Madison Homes

Madison Homes QLD offer the complete building solution whether your choosing from one of our predesigned homes, or engage our In House Designer to amend one of our designs, or we can capture your vision to create your own!

Your lifestyle, family dynamic, age & budget all come into play when looking at different home designs. We are dedicated to working with you to plan and co-ordinate your perfect home!

When you embark on your home building project, there are many details that you must keep in mind. Our initial sales process serves to work with you identifying each of your needs, before creating a home building journey that suits your family, lifestyle & block.

Ensuring that you remain free to make your own decisions, we offer a money back guarantee in our preliminary agreement. The preliminary agreement includes a deposit designed to cover soil testing and preliminary plan. With our money back guarantee, you can opt out of the home building project even after the tests have been completed. If you choose to do this, we will refund you the remainder of your preliminary deposit – less the money spent on soil tests and provide you with a copy of the report.

You will enjoy the benefits of a 16 week build here at Madison Homes Qld and our Staff will guide you through each stage of the building process.