Handover Process - Madison Homes

Excitement is high as the day is here – the keys at last!!

You will be presented with a folder which contains important information from the construction of your home – plans, soil reports, engineering, decision notices, plumbing approvals, colour & tile selections, cabinetry layouts, compliance certificates along with your final building certificate.

The time has come to move in and begin to make memories in your new home.

Post Handover

Madison Homes QLD is committed to ensuring we not only present you with a beautiful home, but assuring we address any defects you may encounter.

Our quality control measures during the build process are designed to ensure few if any defects, however if there is a defect, it is important you know it will be managed promptly with diligence. Our Team is available to promptly answer your questions via phone or email. We also run a periodic check in the 12 months post handover to ensure you are completely happy with your home.

As per the QBCC, structural defective work can be lodged within 6 years and 3 months from when the work is completed. Non Structural warranty is for 12 months from the date of practical completion.