Prebuild Process - Madison Homes

1. Discovery Session

The discovery session is arguably the most important part of your home building project.  This stage essentially identifies the features you do and don’t want in your home which develops the design concepts that will be carried through to the finished product.  Once you have completed the discovery session in our showroom, you will have a crystal clear picture of what to expect in your new home.

2. Preliminary Agreement

Once the discovery session is complete, you can provide us with a deposit of approximately $2,200.00.  This deposit will cover the cost of the soil testing, design changes and sighting on your specific block of land.  If, at any stage, you decide you would like to pull out, we will refund your deposit – less the money already spent – and provide you with a copy of the soil test.

3.  Soil Test and Contour Surveys

We will organize a soil test which will be carried out by an Engineer, providing you with a copy of their report.  You will need to provide us with a copy of the contour survey, which will be available from your developer.  If you are unable to obtain a contour survey, we are able to help with that process.  Soil testing serves to identify the classification of your site, and these classifications range from Class A, which is stable and non-reactive to Class P, which is a problem site.  There are seven classifications in total and it is important that we know which category your land is, so that we can take the necessary steps to ensure that it is stable to build on.   The contour survey assists us further in this regard, as to provide us with a graphical representation of the slope of your land.

4.  Professional Colour Consultant

Following the deposit and survey stages, we will work with you to decide on your home’s colour scheme.  To help you with this, we offer a free professional colour consultation to bring your home to life.  Our showroom includes a selection centre designed to inspire and help you create a home that truly reflects you and your personal style.  As well as colour selections, we will work with you to decide upon fittings and fixtures, including bathroom and kitchen accessories from our modern contemporary range.

5.  Pre-contract Tender and Second Deposit

Once you are satisfied with your selections, we can arrange for a pre-contract tender and a second deposit, so we can move to the next phase of your home building project.  This tender caters for additional site costs and your slab costs are included in the deposit.  Finally, you will be ready to pay your second deposit in preparation for the build stage.  This deposit is approximately 5% of the total cost of the project.