1. Let us inspire you

We have a wide range of family home designs and style inspirations available. You can walk through our show room in Cleveland to see the choices, experience the flexibility and help, and see the quality in our builds, fixtures, fittings and choices for yourself.

2. Come and chat with us

We encourage you to come and chat with us.  We are here to answer your questions and to find out if a Madison Home is the right fit for your family.  Regardless of whether you are ready to build now or in a years time, we can offer support as you work through the process.

3. Getting the land prepared

There are mandatory requirements that need to be checked before any building work can commence.  These include, soil testing, land surveys, checking gradients and looking at nuances that are unique to your block of land.  We’ll check your land, and of course, take you through the results, so you’re clear on what we’re doing to get your land ready to build your family home and ensure a smooth build process.

4. Designing your dream home

We understand how overwhelming the design process can be.  We’ll help you find the right home design for your land and the most suitable floor plan for how your family loves to live. We can talk through plans and photographs to draw out your individual style, so that we design the perfect home for you.  How exciting!

5. One true price promise

We are on a mission to take away the inclusions/exclusions headache from home building. We like to include as much as possible, so we’ll show you how to make your budget go as far as it can. Then we fix the price, guaranteed.

6. Timely council approvals

We understand the pain of going through council approval.  We will take away the hassle by doing all the council requirement legwork for you.  Leaving you free to focus on the design and build of your dream family home.

7. It’s in the clever planning

Depending on the style of your home, low set or high set, we guarantee a build time of 22 weeks (low set) to 32 weeks (high set) for one of our standard plans.  We plan everything to the last detail, including managing trades people so there are no wasted days. Once we have all council approvals and a start date, we will be ready to start building your family home.  Now that’s refreshing.

8. Moving in

Handing over the keys to your dream family home is our favourite part of the job, and we’ll be celebrating right alongside you as you take your first step through your new front door.


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