What are the issues when building a new home?

What are the issues when building a new home?

One of the biggest issues we hear buyers complain about is how they felt tricked into blowing their budget.

They’ll talk to their builder about what they want and fall in love with what is on offer, all the high-end fixtures and fittings, the fantastic furnishings, beautiful landscaped gardens and swimming pools, but don’t realize how much that can add to the final price tag.

It’s a rude shock to many that all those beautiful high-end finishes are not included in the standard price, sometimes not even the concrete driveway. They’ve fallen in love with the dream and suddenly have to budget thousands more to achieve it.

We hate the thought of buyers being “tricked’’ into falling in love with a home only to be shell shocked at the eventual price tag.

Our homes include everything in the price – a fixed price contract

If you ask for extras, we’ll make sure you receive a very detailed pricing proposal before you sign up and if you decide you want to do some of the work yourself like fencing or landscaping, we are happy to take that off our costs.

We’ll even give you a guide of what those jobs you decided to do yourself will cost so you don’t get bill shock in the future.

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